Postpartum Care


Slow Down! 

The moral of this blog post is to slow down! This blogger writes from a religious perspective so if that isn't your thing then skip those parts, I'm certainly not trying to push any agenda here. Her wisdom for postpartum recovery is ON POINT. I know many moms wish that they had given themselves permission to slow down in order to heal and bond as their family shifted. Please rest, and respect the postpartum recovery period in whatever way feels right to you.

DIY Padsicles 

Its pretty easy to google different recipes for these magic healing pads, but here is one for you to check out for reference. You can easily leave out the essential oils if those aren't your thing. It is very important to get alcohol free witch hazel, as the type with alcohol will burn against your tender postpartum area. You can easily make 6-12 of these ahead of time and pop them in the freezer. Some doctors recommend limiting the amount of witch hazel that you use daily so check in with your doc if you have any concerns.

Hiring Postpartum Support

Most expecting parents have never heard of a postpartum doula or a baby nurse. While I am not sure of the baby nurse scene here in WNY, I know that there are many talented postpartum doulas available in the area to help with the transition after birth. If you're interested in hiring postpartum support or just interested in learning more, check out this blog post from Baby Caravan.