5 Ways Giving Birth is Like Getting Married

1. It’s a Whirlwind - Everyone tells you, “Oh you’ll forget what labor felt like, once the baby is born” and you’re like, “Nah, I won’t forget, I’m young and have big brains.” and then bam… You forget. Avoid this by hiring a doula and/or a birth photographer. You wouldn’t get married without a photographer, so why give birth without one? Imagine having a picture of your husband seeing your baby for the first time- it might almost rival that picture of him seeing you in your wedding dress.

2. You Need to Delegate - If you planned a wedding without help, you are basically an amazing superhuman and you deserve to be praised from the highest of mountains. For the rest of us lay people, we needed to rely on wedding planners, friends and family. My partner was amazing but also kind of went in blind- at least compared to the HOURS and DAYS i spent planning. Your birth deserves the same attention. Delegate some of the heavy lifting from you and your partner. You will be able to experience birth for what it really is- life changing, dramatic, and truly amazing. Hire a doula, a photographer, a lactation consultant. Find whatever is stressing you out and find the means to hire out. It WILL be worth it.

3. You get a New Title - On your wedding day, or at least when you got around to filing the paperwork, you probably earned a new last name. From the second your baby is born you’re Mom, Mum, maybe Mama. Perhaps you will get lucky and it will take a few years for your partner to start calling you Mom too, but likely it will happen sooner than that. Try to embrace it! At the very least its east to spell.

4. An Opportunity for an Awesome Playlist - Maybe your kid can be born to the Circle of Life, Simba style, if you’ve got yourself an attentive ipod holder. You might not be in the mood for club jamz during labor but you can funnel those pre-birth jitters into creating the perfect playlist.  Just for fun: Google search “Dancing in Labor”- I promise it won’t be a waste of you time.

5. It’s a life-altering Transition - I’m on a mission to convince people to take their birth as seriously as they take their wedding. Invest in yourself, in this new transition and in your new family. I’m not talking just money here, I’m talking time, energy, focus. Maybe it will be important to you, or maybe it won’t- but you owe it to yourself to at least take a pause and think about it.