4 Reasons Why Hiring a Birth Doula & Photographer is Worth Your Time and Money

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Look, birth is expensive. Save money where you can! 

1. Optimize your birth budget by hiring a doula who is also a birth photographer. Like any bundled deal, hiring an experienced doula who is also a birth photographer gets you two for the price of one. If the price seems daunting, know that many doulas are used to payment plans and a portion of your fee can usually be paid with an HSA or FSA.


Now, you don’t want any more people than necessary to see you naked, do you?


2. Minimize disturbances in the room. A birthing space can fill up FAST. Protection of your sacred birthing space is paramount to the progression of labor and the fewer people the better. If you want both a doula and photographer but are worried about too many people in the room then hire a doula who takes photos.


Why does this matter? 


3. Your doula knows you, and will capture your personality and grace, beautifully. You will meet with your doula before your birth to discuss your birth plans and get to know you and your partner. This often means that your doula will be closely attuned to what is important to you and will be able to convey this closeness in her photographs.


Wait. How Can they do both at once?


4. Momentarily leaving your side to take photos gives you “alone” time you didn’t know that you needed. As a doula, I know how to read the energy of a birthing room. It is entirely possible to fully support a mother while making space for natural gaps and taking that time to document the birth story.


But there’s a catch.


Your doula wont be in your photos. Its probable that your doula will play a prominent part in your birth story, but she can only be on one side of the lens. Seeing your birth through the eyes of your doula will bring you joy in its own special way. Besides, you can always snap some photos together at your newborn session or postpartum meeting! (Which you can also schedule for the same time!)


Like what you read? 


I love my dual role as a doula & photographer and wouldn't trade it for the world. Have you ever considered hiring someone to be with you at your birth? 

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