Newborn Care


Understanding Newborn Sleep

Infants follow a 90-minute sleep cycle. Understanding the sleep cycling of your child will help make sense of the seemingly disorganized patterns of sleep that your baby will experience in their first few months (or years for some) of life. This 2 page PDF is informative without forcing you to adopt a radical schedule that is unfit for your newborn's needs. The information for this handout was taken from these books.  ** I have personally read and recommend reading these books before baby comes. 

  • The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp** 
  • The 90-minute Sleep Program by Polly Moore **
  • The No-cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley **
  • Secrets of the Baby-Whisperer by Tracy Hog
  • The Lull-a-Baby Sleep Plan by Cathryn Tobin

Baby Poo! 

Whether breastfed or formula fed, deciphering your baby's poo can be stressful. Here is an article with visuals and explanations for every type of poop that you might encounter. Of course, if you are concerned consult with your pediatrician.

Baby's First Bath

Some new parents decide to wait a week before giving their baby a bath and others find themselves more comfortable with their baby being bathed in the hospital by a nurse. Eventually though, you'll have to give your tiny little bundle a bathe, and if he/she has an umbilical cord still attached, you'll want to make sure to keep that dry. This page gives practical tips for bathing your newborn.