Childbirth Education 


Childbirth Classes

I highly recommend taking a childbirth education course if the opportunity and resources are available to you. Mama Natural gives a brief explanation of the most common childbirth classes.


I would personally recommend local classes if possible. If you don't want to take a childbirth ed class, you should try to read as much as you can to prepare you. I can give you some book recommendations if you'd like. Welcome Mama has a list of local Childbirth Ed classes that is updated semi-regularly.

Stages of Labor

American pregnancy has a fairly succinct explanation of stages and phases of labor broken down into simple and brief categories if reading is your learning style. It breaks down the stages of labor and the phases within the first stage. We will talk more about this in our prenatal meetings.


This video is AMAZING for demonstrating the state of most moms  as they progress in labor. Notice how the laboring woman starts to lose her ability to talk and moves inward to focus on the important work of bringing her baby down and eventually out? Having your partner watch this video can be a useful tool when deciding when to go to the hospital. Waiting until you get into active labor can prevent a stall in your progress or being sent home.

Birth Videos

If you're looking to get some birthy feels watching unique birth stories, watch all of these videos. The different types of births that women have can help you imagine a birth that may have never occured to you before. There is an outdoor birth, a hospital birth, and a VBAC among many others. They are all touching and inspirational. The compilation is put together by Birth Boot Camp.